The Unique EMEA WordPress Experience – explained!

I often find myself needing to explain the extensive process EMEA STUDIO follows in my WordPress Web Design projects. So I thought: why not dedicate a special page to my process on my own website? That way anyone, even potential customers (and even the competition!) see what separates my services from the rest!

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wordpress hostingHosting

The first step is to ensure my clients are on a fast, secure server. There are, unfortunately, some unworthy UK hosting companies (and some US-based, too) which are quite popular for no apparent reason. They’re slow, their admin panels are clumsy and unusable and they charge A LOT! So I make sure my clients are taken good care of – and I recommend fast, secure and most importantly, not overpriced (actually, cheap) hosting solutions.

wordpress securitySecurity

I am trained and certified in IT Security (not going to mention the certifications here, but I can do it if requested) – and we know what I’m doing when security is concerned. Sites maintained by EMEA STUDIO have never been hacked. That’s probably the best proof of my expertise in this area. Other companies in this field are installing un-licensed and infected files on their clients’ websites without giving it a second thought – I would never do such a thing.

wordpress speed


This is something the developers of WordPress should not be proud of – but WordPress is pretty slow by default. It’s querying the DB in a slow way, it’s not caching its’ pages, permalinks are not optimized for best performance out-of-the-box, there is no image optimization… Not even mentioning the unprofessional way some themes are built in – slowing them even further. This is not a problem for me, though! I optimize the very core of WordPress, proceeding with optimizing the plugins, themes, CSS, JS, caching, permalinks, etc. If your site is hosted on a dedicated server, I will even optimize the Operating System of that server – sometimes, just the server optimization has gained 400% in speed performance (yes, I couldn’t believe it either but that’s my own speed gain record just by optimizing the server).

wordpress user interfaceEMEA’s OWN Custom WordPress User Interface!

By default, WordPress is difficult to navigate and manage for the novice, no matter what the forums / blogs say about it. If you’re used to Sharepoint or Joomla or whatever other CMS you used before (or never) – then you will need quidance for the first few hours / days of use. EMEA STUDIO does some unique User Interface modifications for our clients – reducing the clicks needed for every single action! And yes, I am quite proud of it!

wordpress mobileOptimized for Mobile Viewing

Computers have been quite the revolution, but their time has come to and end and they’re getting replaced by mobile phones (smartphones) and tablets at a fast rate. iPhones, iPads and Android devices are quickly getting into the statistics of most websites and if not optimized, these are some unhappy users! Fortunately, EMEA STUDIO creates mobile-friendly websites right from the start – and there’s no need to build a separate mobile version of your website with us – our work is looking beautiful on any device! (we can prove it – open our own website on your mobile phone and see for yourself)

wordpress searchImproved and Faster Search

WordPress has a slow and inefficient search – especially for larger sites, that might turn out to be a problem. We change the way WordPress queries the database (we improve it) – giving your users better and more accurate results and at the same time decreasing the load on the database.

wordpress seoImproved SEO

WordPress is very good for basic SEO – with it’s post and page titles, permalinks – and there are some free plugins available to improve the built-in functionality (All-In-One-SEO, for example) – but our studio would be ashamed if that was all we used. We also take care of automatic page titles, keywords and automated generation of Google XML Sitemaps. As a bonus, you will get a free keyword research and a free consultation on how to name your pages / posts / categories / tags to maximize performance in your specific business area.

wordpress statisticsDetailed, Extensive Statistics

Want to see what search terms were used when a visitor reached your site? Or perhaps their IP address? Visits per day / week / month / year? Most popular search terms? Separation between RSS spiders, search bots and humans? We can deliver all that, without the use of Google Analytics – right there, in your WordPress dashboard!

wordpress trainingTraining

I provide my clients with personal, human interaction during our training sessions instead of just sending them over to documentation / videos like many others do. You will save yourself the long hours of frustration and reading with just a few minutes asking me a question and getting it answered live!

wordpress supportSupport

I guarantee  a reply in less than 12 hours after you’ve sent me a message. I can also guarantee that if you have an issue with your website – I will solve it! And I’ll do it personally, as fast as possible. My clients find my support one of the main reasons to refer me to others.

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