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I specialize in creating the most visually attractive, sleek, unique and fast-loading WordPress websites around. I live, eat and breathe WordPress! I can custom design websites for small personal blogs, learning management systems, reservation systems, social networks, commercial websites, non-profit websites – I will be proud to include your website among my successful projects! Looking for a WordPress Designer? I am right here!

(You can read more about my services here – http://emeastudio.co.uk/wordpress-web-design/our-unique-wordpress-experience-explained/)

I can also help you convert your old, clunky website (probably still running frontpage or pure html!) to WordPress – and the html to WordPress conversion takes less time than designing a website from scratch, thus will be significantly cheaper.

Why Use WordPress?

WordPress is one of the leading content managements systems available. I have experimented with many of them and nothing compares to the mighty power of WordPress.

wordpress website design made by us

wordpress website design created by EMEA Studio

Approximately 25% of all websites are powered by WordPress

 You may be surprised to know that some of the largest websites in the world are powered by WordPress, including eBay, Forbes, The New York Times, Sony and UPS.

The main benefits of using a WordPress powered site include:

wordpress web design flexibility


WordPress offers an extremely flexible platform from which to work from. Every single aspect of your website is fully customizable, so I can create the site of your dreams, right down to the very last detail. It can literally be flexible, adjusting to various screen sizes (Responsive Website Design) – from mobile phones and tablets to large 24″ monitors – looking just as well on all of them.

wordpress designDesign

I create custom made and unique themes designed to your specifications. Your WordPress website is a 24 hour sales brochure for you and your business, so I understand how important it is to create the right first impression to your customers. Every aspect of your site can be customized to reflect you or your brand’s values.

wordpress webdesign pluginsPlugins

There are over 15,000 WordPress plugins (and I have vast experience with choosing just the right ones) available and counting. This allows you to enjoy many features on your site, including forums, job boards, complex galleries, contact forms, Google analytics and much more.  I use a set of plugins to improve your daily maintenance experience – optimizing the admin screens, improving the speed and functionality of your website and adding social sharing buttons, just to mention a few.


wordpress security

WordPress provides a secure content management system for your needs. After I design a WordPress website, I also test its security to ensure that there are no vulnerabilities for potential hackers to exploit. So you can rest assured knowing that your site is safe and secure from potential security breaches. Besides the testing, I have a set of WordPress security features applied to every site I create which ensures it will never get hacked, as long as you follow my advice on its maintenance.

wordpress for seoSearch Engine Ranking

WordPress has a number of features that are geared towards increasing your ranking in search engine results. Image titles, tags, descriptions and meta fields can be used gain higher rankings. I will create a search engine optimized WordPress site for you, that is sure to receive top positions on a search engine’s result page.

Why Use Emea Studio to Design Your WordPress Site?

Quality, Attention to Detail, Customer Service and Price! To the other design agency your project is just the next one on the line – to me, you are a valuable customer and your business success means success for me. And I will strive to achieve it!


I offer extremely fast turnaround times, without compromising on quality. I understand how frustrating it can be having to wait for weeks, even months, for your WordPress site to be designed. I pride myself in being able to complete your website quickly and efficiently.


I offer full customer support via email, skype and over the phone. Any time you contact me – I am happy to help, and will be able to answer any of your questions quickly. Your designer will also be available to contact via email should you wish to amend or change any part of the design during the whole design process.


My web design rates are some of the most competitive around. I also offer free quotes for any type of project, no matter how big or small. Hiring a wordpress design company will most likely incur much higher rates and price and your website will still be assigned for design and development to a single employee. So why not pick me, as you will get a lower price for your small business website design and at the same time will receive much closer attention than if you choose to go with a design company?


We have a great reputation and many happy clients. Check out some of our testimonials to see the amazing feedback we have received for our services. You can also take a look at our vast portfolio of work to see some of our site designs. Your satisfaction is our number one concern, and we make all the effort to ensure you receive the highest quality service – guaranteed!

Email us today and we will be more than happy to discuss your needs, and provide you with a free quote.

Websites Powered by WordPress

According to data from 2012, 25% of all websites around the world are powered by WordPress!

Benefits of using WordPress as your CMS

WordPress is the most popular, widely used and supported content management system on the Web. Obviously, that means it is also the most secure system for managing your content – and if you need help there are hundreds of thousands of professionals competing with each other to help you.

  • Plugins – if you need specific functionality, such as a job board, a gallery, a forum, anything – there are plugins which are easy to find and easy to configure. There are actually more than 15.000 WordPress plugins which have been downloaded more than 200 Million times!
  • Design – lots of designers create custom themes (such as EMEA Studio) – there are also free themes available which can be used as a basis for further enhancement.
  • Flexibility – WordPress is an extremely flexible system, allowing you to tweak and modify every aspect of your website. For years it is no longer just a blog management system – huge multinational companies are using it for their websites and are very happy with it.

Is it looking Good?

Well, take a look at the example on the left. That’s how WordPress looks by default – and that’s how most free themes look like, when you install them (roughly, they vary in design, shape and color).  With creativity and attention to detail we achieve results surpassing even the boldest of our clients’ dreams – and the proof can be seen on our WordPress Web Design Portfolio!

98% of the websites on our portfolio are based on this content management system. We optimize the back-end administration for ease of use (yes, we reduce the amount of clicks needed to achieve every single task dramatically – you won’t see that with other WordPress design companies who just sell the front-end design).

WordPress will improve your Google, Yahoo and Bing search engine rankings

wordpress helps ranking with google yahoo and bing

While most content management systems support the insertion of a Title, Meta Description and Keywords as well as allowing you to somewhat structure your content, none of them provide the unique blend of functionality that Worpress offers. From the URL structure using Permalinks (the way your URL looks in the address bar), to Google XML sitemaps generations and automatic submission, through the aforementioned meta fields, tagging your content, categorizing it, creating custom taxonomies for it, the ability to add titles and descriptions for images, links and all kinds of content – it is truly a search-engine friendly content management system.

Our team of SEO experts will, of course, work extra to improve your ranking and marketing strategies – as a result, we can guarantee you top positions in the search results!

Is WordPress Web Design just a trend or is it here to stay?

Our WordPress website design service is specifically targeting high SEO results. WordPress usage will continue to grow in the coming years – mainly due to the continuing improvement of the usability and speed of this content management system. Our own experience shows that customers are abandoning other CMSs and are gradually moving towards WordPress for their web design projects and existing websites. More and more people are migrating their static html sites to WordPress. The process of html to WordPress migration is fairly straightforward and our team is very capable of performing it.

Many people are also migrating from Microsoft Office Live ™ to WordPress due to usability problems and closing service at Microsoft – we have a few UK clients who have happily migrated their websites and are now hosting them on WordPress.

While you’re at it… why not check out our mobile website design service?

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