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Based on GM’s new Kappa rear-wheel drive architecture, The overall design of the Curve is instantly interesting and eye-catching due to the contemporary design details that enhance its sports car roots. The roof pillars are concealed by a wraparound canopy of glass which creates the feeling and look of a “floating” roof panel.

Based on GM’s new rear-wheel-drive Kappa architecture shared with the Pontiac Solstice and Chevy Nomad, the Saturn Curve concept signifies Saturn’s design and product line evolution and lends a peek the capabilities of this car brand.

Built from fiberglass panels over a steel tube structure, and featuring roof pillars concealed by a wraparound canopy of glass to create the look of a ‘floating’ roof panel, its design abounds with interesting details that emphasize its contemporary design aesthetic, as well as its sports car roots. The Curve features a front-hinged clamshell hood and rear-hinged trunk lid.

Sports car performance is delivered by a supercharged 2.2-liter/200-hp Ecotec four-cylinder engine paired with a Getrag five-speed manual for an engine/transmission combination similar to that found in the new Saturn ION Red Line. Through the use of variable engine valve timing, lift and duration can improve fuel economy, emissions and performance.

Unique seven-spoke 20-inch wheels are mounted to performance tires, while large, 14-inch brake rotors with twin-piston front calipers and large, single-piston rear calipers provide the vehicle’s stopping power.

The powertrain, chassis, and brake system are all based all on existing production components leading one to wonder if a production version of the Curve is waiting just around the corner.