Many people find it hard to keep on top of their belongings. Have you ever put something down and forgot where you put it? Or perhaps you’ve stored something in a ‘safe place’ and forgot where the place was. This is most likely because you have too much clutter in your home.

Clutter can be anything from old flyers and letters from your mail to clothes and shoes. Anything that doesn’t add value to your life or your property is considered as cutter. So what happens when you get surrounded by clutter and it becomes too much to handle? Here are some simple decluttering principles that can help anyone clear their clutter.

  1. Create a disposal plan

Before beginning to declutter your London home, you should make a plan to prevent becoming stressed and overwhelmed. Consider your options in terms of how you can dispose of your clutter. For example, you could throw it away, recycle, sell, donate, or re gift your clutter. If you have a hard time letting go of things, finding alternatives to just throwing it in the bin may make you feel more comfortable about getting rid of it.

  1. Let go

Following the previous point, do not decide to keep something out of guilt or obligation. This will only hold you back, because you may end up keeping more clutter than you need. Your home should only have the things you use, need and love. On top of this, do not let other people dictate what you keep and don’t keep. Remember that they are items that belong to you, so you should be able to make the choice to keep them or throw them away.

  1. Gifts don’t have to be material

professional declutter companyThere are a lot of ways to honor a loved one without giving them gifts that end up as clutter. You should encourage your friends and family to follow this principle when getting you gifts to avoid future situation of your home being over cluttered. Alternatives would be gifts of time and experiences and even money.

Once you have considered and taken in these decluttering principles, you should contact a professional declutter company London to help you with decluttering and organising your home. A company that specialises in declutter London is a great investment because they will not only give you organisation advice, they will give you the physical and emotional support you need to complete this strenuous task.


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